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Welcome Home

We want to first take a moment to thank you for visiting Faithful & Free Marriage. We believe that you did not land on our site by chance. You and your spouse are probably looking to enhance your marriage and rev up your intimacy. This is Awesome! You are on your way to enhancing the core foundation of your marriage!

We, at one point were not enjoying a joyous, uninhibited marriage life. Like most people, we needed something fast, to get us out of a detrimental rut. By discovering that putting God first, would bring freedom and enjoyment to every other aspect of our marriage, set us on a path that continues to get better day by day.

Our prayer is that with all your hard work, (Yes, a great marriage does take work) that you will be able to not only enjoy growing old together, but be able to enjoy all the facets that come with marriage, while growing old together. For instance, the kids, family, finances, ministry, work, and friends.  A marriage that is Faithful & Free will essentially be your ministry. A light, almost everywhere you go. We pray that you would walk along side us by being a light and changing this world, one marriage at a time!

Like mentioned earlier, we are so glad you stopped by. Although we can’t feed you a nice, warm, home cooked meal, we can give you a gift. When you subscribe below, we will send, directly to your inbox, 30 questions to ask when committing to have a Faithful & Free Marriage. Along with some fun ways that you can create a nonthreatening environment to complete the questionnaire without any inhibition!

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