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A Good Time to Start

Have you ever had to stop something and didn't know when would be a good time to start again? Well, maybe NOW... I look forward to you taking this journey with me!

Recently, I started toying with the idea of restarting my blog. Life took some interesting turns throughout this last 3 years. We left our church family of seven years. I had to have some serious labs, due to my original bloodwork results pointing "possibly" to leukemia. Resulting in a hysterectomy, because of pre-cancerous cells that were so far up, that surgery was the only way to get rid of it completely. Yet, I keep coming back to... A good time to start is.... NOW!

“I stopped doing what He's told me to do for the umpteenth time. I, again, chose fear over faith”

Could you imagine if God had life circumstances and took time off from His duties as Sustainer of this world? First, we would all die from falling out of our atmosphere. Also, if He just stopped doing, we couldn't call Him Faithful. Yet, He never takes a break, never rests, never stops being God...

God is ALWAYS Faithful

I however do stop. Life circumstances shake me and rock me to the point of life seeming to just stop completely. I fail at being faithful. I also cower at getting up and restarting. "Why would God help me this time," I think to myself. I stopped doing what He's told me to do for the umpteenth time. I again, chose fear over faith.

I recently heard a quote by one of the pastors at my church that said, "When we are faithless, He is faithful" How amazing is that!

There are many times that I am faithless. Go figure, a blog screaming about being faithful and free. Faithfulness to God... well, the truth is, being faithful to God does not mean being perfect. It's not this idea of never having a down day, an off moment, or a life circumstance that puts a halt to any and everything. It's keeping our faith in the One who saves, the One who is ALWAYS faithful! It's holding onto God when everything seems to be falling apart. It's allowing Him to hold us when we don't have the strength to stand on our own.

Being faithful to God means that when we fall... yes when, because all of us do at some point. When we fall, and our faithful God gives us the strength to stand, the energy to walk, and the stamina to run again, whatever we need to restart, we know A good time to start is NOW!

I had to stop my blog. I had to stop working out. I was barely able to walk around the circle of my tiny little street. And because of some complications, I could barely read instructions on my prescription bottle, let alone the bible. Yet, I stayed faithful to God through it all. Although I felt faithless, I kept my eyes on Him (the very best I could anyway). When I couldn't read my bible, I listened to it. When I couldn't pray, I cried to Him. Everything was in shambles and I held on to Him for dear life. God never stopped being faithful in my times of feeling mentally and physically defeated. He gave me the strength to stand. He gave me the energy to walk. He gave me the stamina to run. While reading His word, I felt Him say... A good time to start is... NOW!

What do you need to restart?

Is it studying your word, praying more often, talking kind to your spouse or kiddos?

Leave a comment and share what you need to restart. I would love to be in prayer with you!

Be Faithful, Be Free

E. Young

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