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Be a Lady in the Streets, And a WHAT ???

Over the years, I’m sure not one, but most of us women have heard this remark ooze out of the mouth of our male counterparts. Whether it was our brother giving way Too Much Information, as to what he wants in a wife. Men on the job, speaking about what they want from their wives, (we can only hope, their wives). Maybe, even our own husbands, hinting about what they want from us.

Ok, but really…. A WHAT?

Most of us sophisticated, wholesome, Christian women, know a thing or two about getting all holier than though, Lady in the streets, ready. We put on our slips and stockings. We put on our makeup, do our hair exactly right. We definitely don’t want to look like the town harlot. (No offense to any of the town harlots… God loves you too boo!) But you get my drift. We pick just the right dress or pants, to not look too sleazy but, not to look like the frumpy, grumpy woman either. Point blank, we know how to look like we are going to church, pretty much every day. Whatever that looks like!

Yea, but…… A WHAT???

‘Why that in the sheets? I am a wholesome, good ole Christian woman!’

Nope, sorry, I hate to break it to you…. However, you aren’t really as wholesome as you think. Especially if you have kids or have enjoyed trying! You may not like the term, but there is some level of connotation as to why men want a FREAK, yes, I said it, A FREAK in the sheets.

What does it mean, you ask? Well, interestingly enough, the word freak has a few different meanings. Yet, my favorite is…. a person who is obsessed with or unusually enthusiastic about a specified interest. Ok, now we are getting somewhere. Men want their wives to be unusually enthusiastic, even slightly obsessed, with getting our groove on with them.

You see, when A Lady in the Street gets ready for church or work, we take a shower, put on our appropriate undergarments. We put our hair up, a little makeup, and we are out the door. Our husbands want that much and more when we prepare for getting in the sheets. They want us to take a shower, put on inappropriate undergarments, or dare I say, none at all…. just sayin’. They want stockings all right. The thigh high kind, with garters attached to the inappropriate undergarments. They don’t mind your hair up, but it will be down by the end of the night. That is normally the style they like by that time anyway. A little make up, no make-up, A lot of make-up, whatever he likes, is what would be good attire for the wife who is unusually enthusiastic about what’s getting ready to go down.

It’s not just what you wear, it’s how you work it, that matters too!

We can put on whatever we like. We can wear lingerie, our birthday suits, even granny panties if that’s what you and hubby are in to… but if we are too conservative or uptight, our husbands are weary of being free with us. And that is a place you never want to find your marriage in.

I totally understand that our believing husbands should never want or desire another woman, and I think that adultery is a sin by the standards of the bible and by no means is justifiable. Yet, the bible also speaks about my body not being my own and that my husbands body is not his own. So, if my husband gets the vibe that I am too uptight or too conservative to be free with my body... a little wonder about how 'she' does it may creep up into his little curious head. I am sexy part II addresses why.

Trust me, with how business like you looked when going to work today, that makes them really want the freak to come out and play. Yes, he saw what you looked like when you left, and yes, it turned him on! The librarian fantasy is a real thing!

Being married is a license to let loose. This is what faithful and free is all about…. Being faithful to God and being able to be free in our marriage. Free to be a woman who is obsessed with or unusually enthusiastic about a specified interest (husband), better known as …….

Freak in the Sheets!

I’m just not that outgoing, what then???

This post is not about how adventurous we are, it’s about being unusually enthusiastic about getting it on with our husbands. We need to let go of the uptight, church goer attitude, and embrace the overly excited wife who wants, needs, and desires her husband’s body. Just that, will rev up our hard working, committed, loving husbands. It will bring out their inner “I’m too sexy for this shirt” attitude, (no matter how they look) and they, more than likely, will do the rest. So, don’t be concerned about what you’re not, focus more on giving him the green light. Just be, the FREAK in the sheets that he is secretly hoping to find in his bed later on tonight!

Be Faithful, Be Free

E. Young

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