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Cleaning House

Why is it so easy for women to clean up messes in other people's homes, but, when it comes to our OWN homes, we just sweep the mess underneath the rug???

Homes are not only broken due to husbands not doing their jobs as husbands, ( as most women tend to think). They are also broken because we as women do not appreciate the wonderful opportunity to clean up our own mess!

Ladies, God gave us our own families. That is more than enough to keep us busy for a lifetime. Yet, some women tend to be so helpful to others, cleaning up their messes, not realizing that their own mess is rapidly growing out of control.


Yes, you are going to see things that you swept under the rug years ago. You'll hear things that you forgot were told to you. You might find yourself asking...... why? The answer is simple… To clean up YOUR dirty house! Were you aware that the enemy lives in dirty houses? He's right under the rug with all the mess, making the mess slightly bigger every day. Let's be real, us women are some of the biggest pretenders, (no offense). Some of us walk around all put together, looking like a million bucks, like we don't have a problem in the world. While husbands are turning into alcoholics and children are committing suicide. The sad thing is, while you're out giving your "perfect" self to anyone who is in need of your "perfect" wisdom; you can't see that the main mess in your home is YOU! How? By turning a blind eye on your "perfect" mess.

You can't see that the main mess in your home is YOU!

I do realize that God has placed some of us in more demanding positions of service than others. Some are ministering to broken families, some are teachers to children, and some are even writers, bloggers, or the wife of a pastor. We not only have our own family, but other families which God has placed some of us in the position of serving. If your home has any type of 'mess' that has never actually been cleaned, how much of a witness are you really able to be to the others you are called to serve?

"Blessed to be a Blessing"

We were blessed with our husbands (Although sometimes we don't see it that way!), and we were blessed with our children (if any). Why then do we show lack of appreciation towards the blessings God gave us to nurture, to mold, to love, and to send out into the world filled with His glory? We leave "that" blessing to be a blessing to someone else's husband and someone else's children. While at the same time our mess is growing bigger and bigger. If you don't lift up the rug in your own house soon, all that mess is going to start to show. Not as the little mess you swept underneath years ago, but as the huge mess that it has turned into.

If you have issues in your own home, ladies, please change your priorities. Spend the majority of your time with God, your husband, and your children (if any). If you are called in other areas of ministry, and your house is a mess, release yourself from that service until you are able to clean your house up! You cannot help anyone if your home is out of God's perfect order. If you absolutely cannot release yourself, for instance, in a 9 to 5 job situation...... Go, do your job, and go home to bless "your" family!

God's Perfect Order

#1 - God

#2 - Your Spouse

#3 - Your children (if any)

I Timothy 3:5(NIV Life Application Study Bible) If anyone does not know how to manage his OWN family, how can he take care of God's church?

Focus more on God's Perfect order and watch how many others will be truly blessed by your actions and not merely your words!

Be Faithful, Be Free

E. Young

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