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Doing the Impossible

I try to never approach any physical or occupational task with the mindset as it's impossible to do. There is no way, because I know that if "there is a will there is a way."

I know that learning how to swim is like the city of Rome, "it wasn't built in a day". I can even tell you that "what doesn't kill you" in most any chance or risk you take "makes you stronger." We make it oh, so easy to find some generic form of motivation to accomplish what we want in life. That includes: the success of a great job even though it causes you to work later and drains every bit of energy from you. Staying up late and waking up early the next morning, killing your metabolism and possibly your libido. Working out to the point of exhaustion and then going further to prove a point to yourself and anyone else that might doubt, when truthfully no-one else really cares, only to leave yourself with the false gratification of "I did some kind of preverbal “impossible".

Whew...that's a lot to take in. If, as men we stand so firm on accomplishing the impossible why is it we struggle with our marriage, family and our relationship with God. Hear me out, I believe we should be trusting in, depending on, praying to and studying about our God. We should be just as bold, daring, courageous, strong, faithful, intense w/ and intrigue by our wives. We should be steadfast, immovable and vibrant when it comes to our families. And we should be patient, understanding, open, caring, loving and kind with our children.

This will be like a punch in the gut for some and for others this will be a great wake up call. However, the response should be to wake up and change the status quo, where we stop putting Jesus, our wife and our families on the backburner and really do what the world has deemed "The Impossible". Really Loving, Living and Serving without limits.

Much love,

T. Young

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