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I Am Sexy... Part 1

OK, is it wrong to be a Christian woman, totally in love with God, yet very comfortable being sexy for my husband???

First of all, what is sexy anyway?

Almost 90% of the time, when this term is used in front of the 'saved and sanctified', consequently, the person using it, is frowned upon. Therefore, let's get a real understanding of this word before we go on. Since our judgers, probably need clarification, most of all.

SEXY: Adjective for sex; 1- sexually attractive or exciting; 2- highly appealing or interesting; 3- having great sex appeal

Truly, I love God with all of my heart, mind, and soul. He is my life. Each and every day I pray, " let your thoughts be my thoughts, let your desires be my desires, and let your wants be my wants." I want to be everything that God has called me to be. One of the privileges that God has given me, is to be a wonderful wife to my wonderful husband. He tells me in Genesis 3:16, that I will desire my husband. Desire? What does it mean to desire someone...?

desire: 1- strong conscious impulse to have, be, or do something

The fall of man subsequently, caused that desire to normally be a woman wanting to assume the roles that her husband was clearly meant to assume. Yet, that is not at all the type of desire I wish to have towards my man. I want to desire him in the way that the Shulamite woman desired Solomon.


While I am to desire my husband, as a result, I want him to have a strong conscious impulse to have me and only me. Therefore, I want to be highly appealing, interesting, sexually attractive, or dare I just say…. SEXY to him. In addition, I would say, most of all, I desire for my husband to see me like this passage from God's word...

Song of Solomon 7: 1-9 (NLT): “How beautiful are your feet in their shoes, O daughter! Your legs are like stones of much worth, the work of an able workman. 2 Your navel is like a beautiful glass full of wine. Your stomach is like gathered grain with lilies around it. 3 Your two breasts are like two young deer, the two young ones of a gazelle. 4 Your neck is like a tower of ivory. Your eyes are like the pools in Heshbon by the gate of Bath-rabbim. Your nose is like the tower of Lebanon, which looks toward Damascus. 5 Your head crowns you like Carmel. Your flowing hair is like strings of purple. The king is held by the beauty of your hair. 6 How beautiful and how pleasing you are, my love! How happy you make me! 7 You stand like a palm tree. And your breasts are like its fruit. 8 I said, ‘I will go to the top of the palm tree. I will take hold of its branches.’ O, may your breasts be like the fruit of the vine, and the sweet smell of your breath like pleasing fruit. 9 And may your mouth be like the best wine.”

Now, if you could not tell, this wife was interesting to her husband. She was exciting and had much sex appeal. Hence, I got that vibe when he said " I will climb the palm tree, I will take hold of its fruit." after, describing the palm as her body and the fruit as her breast. Especially relevant, she was sexy to her husband, resulting in him having a strong conscious impulse to have his wife.


Whenever your husband looks at you, does he desire you like that? I Am Sexy…Are You???

To Be Continued......

Be Faithful, Be Free

E. Young

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