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My Love Letter to God

There are so many moments throughout our lifetimes that we really just take for granted how much our Father really loves us.

We go day in and day out with asking Him for what we need and not expressing our undying love for Him. We fail at giving to Him because He constantly gives us so much. He gives us so much despite our not stopping to give to Him on a regular basis.

So today, let’s share our love for God in this love letter!

My Love Letter to God

Dear Holy Father,

My Lord and My God, You are my everything and more. You are truly more than I need! God, I love You so much, you saved my soul. You saw the ugly inside of me yet called me worthy of eternity with You. You loved me in such a way, that You sent Your only Son to die in my place. You sent Him to hang on a cross for me. You then rose Him from the grave, showing me who I am through His death and resurrection. Then through His ascension, was the promise sealed that one day we would do the same. I Love You God!

God, You are my sun and moon… the light that illuminates my paths. You kiss me with your bright rays of sun to wake me up each morning. I love how You have just the perfect method for waking up each and everyone of Your children. 😊 You remind me before I get out of bed, how much you’ve already done. You allow me to say my thanks to You through yawns and half opened eyes. I love You for not condemning me in that.

You speak to me almost audibly through the goodness of Your unchanging, infallible word. I’m reminded that Your truth shall set me free. And it has over and over again.

God I love You. You show me Yourself through all Your wonders. I see You through the clouds that float across beautiful blue skies. I see you in the mountains covered in plant life, with no sprinkler system in sight. God, I love you because You are God and don’t have to reveal yourself to me, but You do.

God, I know I often take this life for granted and don’t sit and just tell You how much I truly love You. But I know that You know that I do. The fact that You allow me to call You Father is just icing on the cake. God I love You

With sincere love,

Your Child

Be Faithful, Be Free

T & E Young

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