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O Lord, Our Lord… Psalm 8:1

I love David and his expression of love and praise for our Lord. One can only hope that our love and praise sound as good as that.

We read a book recently (the title slips my mind) that expressed the importance of reading and praying through the Psalms. Taking that suggestion, and now being on Chap 18, has been a glorious time.

A Picture of Man

Reading through the Psalms is so rich in such a way that we can see a clear picture of the heart of man throughout it.

David and the other writers are not at all opposed to being vulnerable in front of the whole world. Grant it I am sure they never even imagined it would be this many people(millions) they’d be inspiring and being vulnerable with.

They are downtrodden, they are afraid, the writers are angry, they are overwhelmed with joy. They are intrinsically human. It is so easy at any point, to relate to the emotions that they convey through the scriptures. And when we look at the fact that David was “a man after God’s own heart” we can have hope that we too are or can be the apple of the Lord’s eye also!

Just because we are joyous one chapter of our lives and downtrodden another, doesn’t mean God does not love us, nor has left us. He says he will never leave or forsake us. What it does mean is that we, like David and the other writers of Psalm, are humans. And that’s how God made us.

God is Perfect, His name Majestic

God doesn’t make mistakes. I used to think that David just whined and cried, because he was a mess up who needed to beg for God’s forgiveness. Well, the truth is, yes, he was a mess up (as we all are) yet, God didn’t purpose for him to write all of these Psalms to show us how much of a mess up he was, it was to show us how perfect and majestic He was.

David glorified the perfect and Holy God in every Psalm he wrote. He showed how beautiful God is in every season of our lives. He showed Gods perfection.

God is so good and faithful to use the emotions that He gave us to praise and glorify Himself.

In our brokenness, we call out to Him, in our joy, we shout praise to Him, in our loneliness we are comforted by Him, and in our fear, we run to Him as our refuge. All these feelings and emotions, David and the other writers of Psalm portrayed and modeled His perfection in all circumstances and seasons. God is perfect and His name Majestic.

The Psalm

We are not promoting a bible reading plan here or anything, however, just a friendly suggestion, take some time to read the book of Psalm daily. First there is one for almost every circumstance under the sun. Next, it really will help in learning how to glorify and praise the Lord at all times day or night. It will also help in learning how to look upon our Lords name as Majestic.

Be Faithful, Be Free

T & E Young

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