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Pray about Sex

" Seek first His kingdom and His righteousness and ALL these things will be given to you." Matthew 6:33 (NIV Life Application Study Bible)

The first step, in my opinion, to having great communication, greater intimacy, and awesome sex within your marriage is seeking God first.

Seek First His Kingdom

Your relationship with God, determines how well your relationship is with your spouse. How is your prayer life? How often do you engage in conversation with God? Now think about how often you engage in conversation with your spouse. Do you see a correlation? Have you ever prayed and asked God for better communication with your spouse? Or greater intimacy, awesome sex? Why not? God tells us in His word to seek him first, meaning, go to Him above all else, about EVERY aspect of our lives.

Over the past few years, I have not only learned to pray about different issues and wants, I've also learned to have actual conversation with God. Some may think that sounds crazy, but honestly, its crazy not to talk to our Heavenly Father. God is the best parent, friend, and counselor anyone could ever have. He knows exactly who YOU are. That being said, you are able to talk to Him freely without ever feeling condemned or put down. When your angry, tell God. When you are feeling overjoyed, share that with God. When your feeling sad or lonely, bring those troubles to Him. He is the best comforter of all times.

Make Him a part of your life on a daily basis, it will surely help you and bless your marriage tremendously.

Pray about Sex?

Ephesians 6:18 tells us to "pray in the spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests"

Yes, Pray about Sex! Many studies have shown that infidelity and divorce happen the most in marriages that have little to no communication, resulting in a mediocre to awful sex life. God is the answer to this issue. In our daily conversations with Him, tell Him not only about the financial blessings you want, or the meaningless stuff that you want, tell Him that you want a change in your marriage. Especially in the areas of communication, intimacy, and sex.

Does it seem embarrassing to go to our Heavenly Father regarding such a 'perverted' issue? Hello... God created sex! Sex in marriage is 100% blessed by Him. Who better to go to about having better sex than the creator Himself!

If we don't go to God with all of our issues concerning intimacy, how then will we be able to go to our spouses with our deepest desires?


Do you have hang-ups that keep you from wanting to have intimate moments with your spouse? Well, I will be the first to admit, I do! I honestly think that most women do. My solution, refer back to Ephesians 6:18. Take those hang-ups to God. It is imperative that you do not allow the enemy to steal the oneness from your marriage. Ephesians 5:25 ".... and the two will become one flesh..." The devil knows that if the oneness is destroyed, he can destroy the marriage, the children, and ultimately generations to come. He will use any and everything to accomplish his goal, and your hang-up is one way he can do it, if you allow him to.

Think about this scenario: A man and woman get married (oneness). They have children, leaving the woman not looking quite the same as when they first said " I Do"(hang-up) She no longer feels attractive. She's never in the mood, and conversation has now diminished to important details of life only. They pray, but just when things are going bad financially, or with someone's health. Her and her husband rarely ever have sex, and when they do it is mainly out of obligation. Meanwhile, at the husband’s job, is a very confident, slightly attractive woman (the devil). The two of them occasionally have small talk. This woman passes friendly smiles periodically throughout the day. When they talk, she grazes his back or shoulder with her hand. One thing leads to another, and the road to infidelity begins.

Did this ending come because the woman was so drop dead gorgeous that the man could not resist? Did it come because the married man was just a no good husband in the first place? No! One reason was, that there was no praying, giving hang-ups to God and allowing Him to change their relationship. Therefore, the enemy destroyed their oneness. Please don't let this example become your reality!

Prayer: Heavenly Father, I come humbly before you today, seeking wisdom and knowledge in attaining, better communication, greater intimacy, and awesome sex in my marriage. Your word tells me to "pray in the spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests" Eph. 6:18, so I am now making my request known unto you. Please help me to release (hang-up) and allow you to change the mindsets in my marriage, so that the enemy cannot destroy the oneness and ultimately generations to come. I thank you and love you. In Jesus' name I pray


Be Faithful, Be Free

E. Young

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