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Real Value

I am a creature of habit, and there are certain things I have done since the beginning of time, even though my age dictates I should probably change. These things are still weight lifting(heavy weights), stay up later than I should(one should always get proper and needed rest) and my wife's not so favorite, playing video games.

However, after two weeks and only a couple of hard days of playing the game, it becomes either redundant or they've beat it already which brings up the other half, "real value". The value, regardless of the initial cost is not worth the price tag. This can be a hard lesson to understand for 20, 14 and 13 year old's, however the loss of money always creates a little bit more understanding.

Isn't it the same for us as men, we constantly confuse price tag for what we want with "real value". Some items are worth the cost, like groceries for the family, or an affordable car to transport the family around or going to work. I'm not suggesting not to buy things, I am suggesting that we consider the cost and what real value it has.

When I met my future wife I hadn't considered the cost or her "real value". It took me several years and lots of waisted resources to understand her value. Her "real value" was far greater than what I paid or what I still pay for, and PRAISE God I got her for a great price. My wife gets everything because after God she is everything. God's gift to me, my better half. If she gets a little dusty, I'll just wipe her down because she won't tarnish or loose value.

Like I mentioned before, I used this illustration with my boys to help them understand "real value" because majority of the stuff we really spend time with, waste money on and make important comes at a high cost and has no real value.

Much Love,

T. Young

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