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Take Time for Us

As we emerge into the Christmas season, we naturally start to have giving on our minds. We want to be thoughtful, especially this year, when so many we know had it pretty rough. However, this is also a very easy season to put aside the one who should be getting the most time, thought, and adoration.

Yes, giving is important, and I would argue, that giving time to your spouse is most important.

A lot is going on during the holidays. Longer hours at work, traffic on the roads making the commute home much longer. Extra housework that needs to be done with the kiddos and all their holiday energy running around. Extra food to be cooked and lots more money to be spent. These things can take a toll on the hard working husband and wife dream team. And stopping to take time for each other gives us that boost that we need to push through each crazy moment with ease!

Just Us Two

A while ago, there was a pastor who told his daughter that he loved his wife more than he loved her. Now, as harsh as that may sound, it should be true within our marriages. Our kids and loved ones should know that we love our spouse more than we love them. This is why I said giving to your spouse during this season is the most important giving.

Our spouse needs to know first and foremost that after Christ, they are our number one, our ace. Next they need to know that they are appreciated. What each of us do in our marriages, is a lot of work. No matter how second-rate we think each of our positions are. Felling appreciated for what we do contribute is a wonderful feeling. Lastly, which this list is not exhaustive, they need to know that they are loved.

We tend to spend time and money on the things we love the most, and our spouses should experience that more than anyone or anything else.

Our days and nights shouldn’t be filled with thoughts of how to do for and give to our children, parents, sisters, brothers, or friends, unless we have already labored over how we will show our spouse love and appreciation this season of giving.

Taking time for us

I use that ‘taking’ word deliberately. Take, is what it seems like we have to do, especially if you have any other responsibilities outside of your spouse. Or, maybe… ‘make’ is good word too! ‘Make’ time for each other. Here are some ways you can 'make' or 'take' time with your spouse:

· Wake up early and have a cup of coffee or tea together before the kiddos( if any) wake up

· Take a shower together. I mean you both have to shower, right??? Why not do it together and enjoy washing each others backs

· Sit in the backyard while the kids sit inside watching a movie. Have a nice cool or warm drink, and some appetizers, and great conversation. ( You know you at least have 1hr with the kiddos watching a movie

· Have a joint bubble bath date night

· Go grocery shopping together, if you can leave the kiddos at home with a sitter. (We have had many Costco date nights or date days)

· Give your spouse a coupon book with a coupon for any type of time they would like for you to give them: ANY TYPE

· Consider giving yourself to your spouse this giving season. Put a bow somewhere on you and invite your spouse to unwrap you for another surprise

· Go ice skating, just the two of you.

· Go on a walk around your neighborhood. Express how much you love and appreciate each other.

· Don’t be so quick to get up in he morning, cuddle for a few minutes before rushing to start your day.

· Pray together

· Have lots of sex!!! (Our favorite one!)

The point here is don’t let this season of giving be a time to only give to and care for everybody else, without first prioritizing your main squeeze. Make it a point to take time with your spouse.

Be Faithful, Be Free

T & E Young

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