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The Worth of Woman

We are living in a time where women are somewhat of a big deal. Women are in congress, able to run for president and preachers of churches. Women have indeed arrived……. Or have we?

My grandmother used to tell me all the time that this world would continue to grow weaker and wiser. Although not a scripture verse per se, I am starting to understand what it is that she was meaning.

She is a helper suitable

You see, God made woman and gave her to man, because he said that the man being alone was “not good”. He hadn’t found a helper suitable for him out of the animals or birds, or beasts of the field. So, He fashioned the woman from the side of the man. He took a rib out and created something wonderful. He didn’t grab dirt as He did the man, he made woman out of the flesh that He had created earlier. And when Adam saw this beautiful creation he said “Whoooooa man!” Meaning, she is a FINE specimen. Ok, maybe he didn’t say that exactly, but he was in awe. He called her “bone of his bone and flesh of his flesh”. This was love at first sight seemingly. So, you would have to imagine that the woman was very worthy of adoration by her husband. And this was good to God. A worthy helper suitable for man.

Why does that not sound “good” anymore? Why do we live in a society where to just be a helper suitable for man is not glamorized, and more frowned upon. Why do women feel like they have no worth if all they do is “take care of their husbands”?

Let me tell you, woman, this is a high calling and a worthy calling. So worthy that not all women are able to do it. Not all women will see the worth in it. Not all women will respect you for it, and that is ok.

When God says that something is good, the world is not going to like it. Matter of fact the world is going to hate it, as we see now. I am not a big ‘feminism is bad’ spokesperson, however, I do believe that it goes completely against the order in which God created things to be…..

She is to have and take care of children

Ok, I see the eye rolling right now, and I want to definitely throw in a disclaimer. There are many woman who would want nothing more than to carry babies, nurse babies, and raise babies up the way in which they should go. I know that there are some women who have tried everything to have even just one child. You, sister, are the exception. You have been given a lot in this life and a burden which can only be comforted in the arms of our loving Father. God knows your hearts and some will end up having children and still some never will. But God, He sees you, He hears you, and He loves you!

Yet, when I speak about having and taking care of children, I am speaking about Genesis 1:28 which reads- God blessed them, and God said to them, “Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth and subdue it….

We know that God sure wasn’t speaking about the plants at this time! He was speaking about children. He said be fruitful and multiply. And when you think about the Garden of Eden there were probably many fruit trees that had much fruit on them. So to be fruitful would look like bearing much fruit, in this sense children, and taking care of them. This is a worthy calling for us as women. God entrusted us not to just feed, change and clean these little bundles of joy, but to carry them for 9 months. I mean God could have chosen the man to carry our babies, because they are the protectors, right? He could have said that they would make sure that nothing harmful would come to these kids if the father carried them, but He didn’t. He deemed the woman as a worthy being to carry and nurture the babies as they grew for the 9+ months in the womb. Although, yes, God made us as the weaker vessel, He still made us strong in so many areas, and carrying a baby is one of them.

Likewise, some women will frown upon the fact that you choose to just let God bless you with babies whenever He chooses. So, if you have 2 your good, or if you have 12, you’re good. However, many God blesses you with is fine. Some people will say that you have no identity of your own because you are always with and tending to your kids. And I would say poo poo on them. You do have an identity which is found in Christ not in this world, and if they are not in Christ, they wouldn’t recognize your identity anyway.

She is a maker of home

Let’s look at the Rockstar Proverbs 31 woman for a min. Let’s look at the way that she took care of her home. She rises while it is night, provides food for her house, she plants, she dresses her family and is not afraid of the weather change. She makes bed coverings so that her family is warm at night. She looks well to the ways of her household. This woman is worth more than jewels.

This is a hot topic, as this woman considers this to be her life’s work. So many women look completely down on the woman who makes tending to her home to be a life’s work. Again, deeming this as not work at all. They think that you have to be in the workplace, making your ‘own money’ to make a mark on society. They think that nannies and daycare are a godsend so that they don’t have to stop their goal of climbing ladders. They think that competing against men for jobs is worth all the emotional and physical distress to prove a point. They think that maids are great to keep them from having to clean and prepared meals are perfect, so they don’t have to cook. These women are the ones who don’t care to honor the Lord in the wonderful job that He gave them to do by being a maker of home but would rather prove to the world that they have worth…. And the world applauds, as the family weakens and suffers

The woman who chooses to follow in the discipline and instruction of the Lord, has worth. The one who loves the Lord her God with all of her mind, heart, and soul, has worth. The woman who purposes to live her whole life to glorify God, has worth. She is not seeking to have an identity in this world but in the Lord. She knows that this world is passing away and that we have to make a decision on where we want to spend our eternity. This woman has chosen Jesus as her goal, this woman has worth.

This worth, woman, is yours! Hear this, you have to. You have so much worth given to you by the Father. What He has given you no one can take it away. Not media, not abusive words, not being put down, not divorce, not anything, you woman have worth. If you seek to please God in all that you are and do, you have worth. To God, you are amazing! Walk in that, own it, and let it fuel your day and days to come!

Be Faithful, Be Free

E. Young

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