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'To Be Loved'

Recently, My husband and I learned what it meant 'to be loved'. It seems easy 'to be loved'. We yearn 'to be loved'... but ask yourself this question.... Do I even know how or what it truly means 'to be loved’ ???

We all want 'to be loved', but in reality, most of us don't know how. What does being loved even look like? Is it long walks in the park, or flowers daily from your spouse? Is it making love, or maybe being held all night by your spouse? Those are all awesome examples of showing love for sure.

God is Love

How about.... the love from a Groom to a bride who committed adultery, or the love from a Father to a child who has yet again fallen prey to worldly idols. 'To be loved' by God, is exactly what this exemplifies! Over and over we turn away. Yet, God, Groom, Father, seeks after us, calls to us, wants us to return and continues to shower us with His unconditional love, even in the midst of our sin. This type of love is a surprising, hard to grasp, way of being loved. In our own conviction and condemnation, that we place on ourselves, we feel undeserving. We run. We don't return that same love, fearful that it won't be received because of our own mess ups. Ultimately causing a wedge in a perfectly beautiful relationship. In order 'to be loved' by your spouse, we must first learn 'to be loved' by our Father! When we go to scripture, we see many verses referencing God's unfailing, unchanging love, that He freely gives to undeserving people. I John 4: 7-12 speaks on God's amazing love simply declaring in v.8... God is love...

Don't run from this way of being loved by God or your spouse. No, we don't always understand why or how someone would love us. " oh, the things I think," or " what I did was horrible,"

'To be loved' is accepting the reality that we are not perfect, yet we serve an amazing God who is. He loves us so much that even when we mess up, He wants us to feel His perfect love tangibly through our spouses.

"He loves us so much that even when we mess up, He wants us to feel His perfect love tangibly through our spouses."

Stop running, stop pushing, and learn 'to be loved' by an amazing God, and by the spouse that God has graciously blessed your life with!

There is one caution.... please don't make up in your mind what the' perfect' act of being loved is. Learn 'to be loved' in the unique way that God gave your spouse to love. You will be pleasantly surprised with just how deep that love goes when you stop trying to be in control of how 'to be loved. On the contrary, if you don't let go of that control, you may push love away and go back to just yearning...... 'to be loved'

Be Faithful, Be Free

E. Young

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