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We Simply.... Pray

Often times marriage is not easy. It’s not fun. It’s not happy. It’s just not! So how does anyone get through those rough periods…… We simply, Pray!

God is the only one who can possibly carry us when times seem bleak in our marriages. Those times can be caused by sickness in one spouse or the other. Finances, no matter how much or little. They can simply be due to one spouse being cleanly and the other quite messy. All these things we have little to no control over, and because we are human, we think, argue, and ignore (ladies!!!) with our emotions.

But God…

He controls and leads with His purpose and perfect plan. Where we are, was written before time even began to be kept. Even this current situation, God has purpose for. Through our tear stained pillows… God has purpose for. Through our lack of finances…. God has purpose for. Through our non-understanding…. God has purpose for. So, when we don’t see a way out, the only thing to do is…. pray. We cannot fix our circumstance. So instead of complaining, give it to God and focus on all the great things He has done, even in the current situation. Sickness has crept in, thank Him for today…because today, there’s hope! Finances bringing the blues, thank Him for your job. Because some people don’t have one. You’re up to your chest in mess, Thank him for your home. Because someone slept on the street last night. Marriage is life, and life has unforeseen issues. However, when we stop complaining about what we don’t have or wish we had, pray and ask God for direction, then thank Him for all He’s done, we will surely then begin to see what we’ve been praying and believing for!

Be Faithful, Be Free

E. Young

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