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Your spouse is NOT your everything

Updated: Feb 6, 2021

Have you ever gotten upset at your spouse for not meeting a need? I'm positive nobody reading this post would ever do that. But for the friends of yours that have....this is totally for them ...

God is Everything

Our spouse is suppose to be our best friend. Yet, we fail to realize the role of our former best friends, and get mad when the 'unrealistic' expectations go unmet by our current best friend. Quite frankly, our current best friend does far more to please us than the former. However, nobody on this earth will ever be our everything. They were never suppose to be. We already had everything before we got married. Some of us just totally switched our focus and lost our way. God is Everything. He will hold us when we're down, even if we were just upset with Him 2 minutes prior. He will make sure there is more than enough, even when the low account balance was our fault. He will....HE WILL!!!

Turn back to your first love and allow your spouse to be the imperfect, most perfect best friend that you've ever had!

Be Faithful, Be Free

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